Shown Left to Right: Mitch Kehn: Trombone, Danielle Grundy: French Horn, Erik McIntyre: Trumpet

Putting pedal to the metal, with Erik McIntyre on Trumpet, Mitch Kehn on Trombone, and Danielle Grundy on French horn, Bent Brass is rising as one of Southern Ontario's newest Brass Ensembles. Coming to you with music covering everything from Classical, Jazz, and to Modern charts, they have been exploring the range and limits of Brass repertoire. To this day, new works are being commissioned for the group to help broaden the horizons of Brass music in Canada.

Bent Brass has been described as "energetic" and "hilarious" by their audience, as they enlighten every show with their humour and charisma. Their energy that they omit only heightens the fantastic music they bring to the stage. With this, every performance is enjoyed by all.

Instruments normally heard at the back of the orchestra, are now taking a stand at the front lines and bringing a new meaning to "Heavy Metal".

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.



As an avid performer, Danielle Grundy immerses herself in a number of musical genres and seeks diverse performance opportunities. She continues to push the limits of French horn music and strives for challenges that broaden the scope of music everywhere. This includes but is not limited to work in styles such as jazz, classical, and modern music.

Danielle has played with several groups within the St. Johns area. Notably, she has worked with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra playing everything from Haydn Symphonies to Earth Wind and Fire charts. She can also be heard on tracks for one of Newfoundland’s favourite bands, The Monday Nights.

Her performances include but are not limited to symphonies such as the Cambridge Symphony, the Kitchener Waterloo Chamber Orchestra, Symphony on the Bay, and wind band ensembles with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. She is well known for her performances in pit ensembles for Art Smart Productions which includes The Wizard of Oz, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Once upon a Mattress, The Wiz, Into the Woods, Tommy the Musical and many more.​ Most notable performances include traveling to England to play for the Royal Family with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, Fortissamo 2019 held in Ottawa Ontario, and Guest Artist with Bent Brass at the Guelph Young Musicians Gala. 

Danielle now currently resides in Brantford Ontario, where she continues to perform with many talented musicians between Kitchener- Waterloo and Toronto. 



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Arts Education is a huge portion of what we share in both our performances and the classroom. Knowledge is power, and it would be a shame not to share our experiences and learning with others! Everyone of all ages are welcome to participate and learn with us. The knowledge that we bring to the table encourages further learning of their craft, and can be transferable to different aspect of their life. From Masterclasses to School Performances, Bent Brass can offer a wide range of learning for all.


These classes are geared towards the help of performances of an ensemble, big or small, to achieve their fullest potential. Here the music director/ chamber ensemble will be able to play three their chosen works, or music equalling to 30-45 minutes of repertoire. Our main focus in these classes will focus towards flow of sound, technique requirements of said instruments, differences in playing as a soloist versus in an ensemble, and overall professionalism as a musician. Q&A periods are also included so please feel free to ask as many questions as possible. We are here for your benefit!

These classes are approximately 1 - 1.5 hours long.


The following are designed for specific topics of conversation that range over a variety of topics. Please see below for the lectures available:

Performance Anxiety and How to Perform for Others

The Art of Conducting

Performance Injuries and How to Prevent them

Brass Instrument Maintenance 

All lectures include classroom participation and Q&A periods.

These Lectures are Approximately 30 mins - 1 hour long.


Performances help allow us to put all of our Masterwork and Lecture Discussions to good use! Here we will be able to demonstrate music over history, and how much it has changed! This will include looks into modern repertoire and even todays top charts! Music was never meant to stay in one place, it evolves with new technologies, styles, and ideas created by you! This recital is meant to engage the audience members and influence further practice within the growing minds of musicians.

This recital is approximately 45 mins - 1 hour long.


PHONE: 226 791 3577






Originally from Thornhill, ON, Erik travels between Thornhill and Waterloo, Ontario to perform with Bent Brass.


Erik over the last half of a decade has performed across Ontario and certain states in the U.S. with big bands, symphonies, and wind orchestras since 2011. Erik currently works part time in a bread factory; while developing at the same time his musical skills in conducting, teaching, and performing the trumpet; in hopes to eventually one day make the transition to pursue a career in music.


In addition to performing Erik has a passion for the start-up project in which in Waterloo, and Sudbury, created along with friends and colleagues’ big bands, small chamber groups and the Laurier Brass Ensemble which currently runs at Wilfrid Laurier University with co-founder Guy Few and student volunteers.


Current projects are performing with Bent Brass and performing as a member of the Richmond Hill Philharmonic Orchestra and freelancing as a conductor.